My time in Puerto Rico

My time in Puerto Rico

 Over the winter break, my family and I traveled to Puerto Rico to get out of the midwestern cold! It has to be one of my favorite places that I have ever traveled! The people are so kind, the scenery is unreal, and the food is AMAZING! I could move there no issue just for the food alone.

Going to Puerto Rico is an easy get away to the caribbean islands if you are a citizen of the United States because it is a territory of the states, meaning no need for a passport. Between El Yunque National Forest and the forts in Old San Juan, there was so much to do in the capital of Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is beautiful, the colorful buildings, the street art, and the music are incredible! The El Yunque National Forest, which is a rain forest, was really amazing to walk through. The tour that we went on ended in at a a beautiful waterfall. But it did take a while to get there, also I was very unprepared in the attire department, defiantly I would have worn Chacos or water shoes instead of flip flops! You could imagine what happened trying to climb over large rocks while in the water. 

The best way to find good food is ask the locals! We asked people who were from the city the best place to get authentic Puerto Rican food, and it paid off immensely. When I was growing up my babysitter was from Puerto Rico and she always made my sister and I great Puerto Rican food, our first night there I was taken back to those dinners. Especially the rice and beans! Anyone that knows me knows that that is my favorite meal, and I had to have it at almost every meal while we were there. Because of my family being Haitian, a lot of the ingredients of the food was very familiar to me they were just used in ways that I hadn’t seen before. Mofongo, which is fried plantains that is stuffed with either meat or vegetables was new to me, but I could eat that everyday of my life if need be.

I can’t wait to go back one day, there was a lot more that I wanted to see of Puerto Rico but couldn’t because of time! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to go on vacation, or just wants to see the Caribbean.

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