Best Seasonal Transition Outfit!

Best Seasonal Transition Outfit!

I have lived in the midwest for my entire life, and with that has come some extreme fashion challenges. Imparticular that awkward time between the seasons when it isn’t quite winter but it isn’t quite fall or it isn’t quite spring but winter doesn’t seem to be over yet. These transitional seasons are a big pain, because no one makes a line of clothing to fit this category of weather!

The best way that I have come to learn how to combat this weather takes only 5 pieces of clothing.

  1. Jeans that go with a number of different colored tops (for me this is black) and are extremely comfortable.
  2. Sneakers or what I like to call pretty sneakers. My favorite of these Steven Madden slip on sneakers. They go with most everything in my closet, they can handle rain, and are really easy to put on when you are in a hurry.
  3. Lightweight long sleeve t-shirts are a most. They keep you warm on the cold days and are easily rolled up on a warmer day. I think its best to find one that you really love and best have a bunch in different patterns and colors. The t-shirt I’m wearing I have in three different color ways and I don’t think I’ll part from them anytime soon!
  4. A leather jacket. This is one piece of clothing that I think everyone needs in their closets next to a jean jacket. I wear mine almost everyday during this period, its warm and it makes me feel cool (like I could be in the cast of Grease cool).
  5. Lastly I always have a simple pair of earrings that go with majority of my outfits. I usually go for pearls or something along those lines. I’m not that great at changing up my accessories so once I find a pair of earrings that I don’t have to change I generally try to stick with them!

I like to use my makeup to help change up my look, for example using red lipstick as my main focal point of my outfit! It seriously makes me feel 10% better about what I’m putting on and about the dreary weather that awaits me outside my window!

Thank you so much for reading!

Dominique 🙂

“It always seems impossible till it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Photographs taken by Grace Sarkor

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