Spending the day at Monet’s Gardens

Spending the day at Monet’s Gardens

Hello Everyone!

If you didn’t know from my social media I am currently studying abroad in Paris, France! I arrived on June 29th and I am leaving at the end of the month. While this trip is coming to a close, I am so excited for my many upcoming travels in the next year!

During my time here I was able to head outside of Paris and go to the Claude Monet Foundation in Giverny, France. I toured his home, the gardens that many of his famous works take place and the town where he settled down. I learned so much about his history as an artist and was able to see his paintings come to life. He has said that the garden that he created in Giverny is his most beautiful master piece.

My favorite part about this trip was being able to see more of life outside of Paris. With all the beautiful landscapes and the quiet town I was ready to move there!

Look out for more post abroad soon! Thank you for reading!

Dominique 🙂

“I must have flowers always and always”  -Claude Monet


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