That’s a wrap for Paris!

That’s a wrap for Paris!

July may have been one of the craziest months I’ve ever had (in the best way)! I thought that I’d tell you the highlights from the month!

  1. Working backstage and watching shows for Haute Couture Fashion Week! Any young person starting out in the fashion industry or has a love for the fashion industry knows how big of a deal this week is and to get to see it was such an amazing opportunity!
  2. Seeing Celine Dion in person! *SCREAMING* If there is one thing I remember from my childhood it’s music, my mom always had it playing. She particularly had a love for Celine Dion, which of course translated over to my sister and I. Seeing her at the Dior fashion show was like a dream come true that I didn’t even know that I needed to have fulfilled!
  3. MUSEUMS UPON MUSEUMS! You could spend a week at museums in Paris and have not seen all of them.
  4. Having two of my best friends come to Paris while I was living there! One of my cousins that I am very close with came to Paris for four days and it was exactly what I needed! And one of my high school besties, came with her sister and mom! I loved having a little bit of home with me abroad.
  5. As corny as it sounds, I made some of the best friends ever in Paris! Nothing bonds you like extreme heat, exhaustion, and getting lost on the transit system of a major city. I love those people and would not have traded the group that I had with me for anything!

Overall one of the best summers that I have ever had! I’m excited to make more memories over this next school year!

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“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” -Andrea Dykstra


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