The Amalfi Coast – September 2, 2017

The Amalfi Coast – September 2, 2017

You will notice a trend in my traveling, I often go to places that are in my favorite movies! This trip in particular has been on my list of places to go for a very long time, I’d say since around 2003!

One of my family’s favorite movies is Under the Tuscan Sun! It is about a woman who goes through a bad divorce and ends up buying a villa in Tuscany. In parts of the movie she ends up in the town of Positano, as soon as a saw the town I had to go too!

It was the first trip that I mentioned when my friends and I started to plan our weekend trips while studying abroad. I knew that if I was living in Italy I had to make my way to the Amalfi Coast and go to Positano.

We stayed in Sorrento, Italy which is an underrated gem of the Amalfi and if you are lucky to get there stay there! It has great views, food, and people! 

Of course we came to the coast on the weekend that the three month drought decided to end 🤣 But thats okay because the sky cleared for us in the end and the sun came out!

My expectations were surpassed by the beauty of the Amalfi and I can’t wait to go back!

Thank you for reading! – Dominique 🙂

“Life offers you a thousand chances…. All you have to do is take one.” – Under the Tuscan Sun


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