12 Things + The Boboli Gardens

12 Things + The Boboli Gardens

Welcome back to my blog 🙂 I looks like I took quite the hiatus from blogging over the last two month or so but really I have just been so busy with school, travel, and trying to figure out how storage on my macbook works. By the way if anyone has any tips on how to fix that let me know in the comments!

These photographs are from when my friends and I went to the Boboli Gardens in Florence! We went at the end of the summer, so it was extremely hot but one of my favorite memories in Florence.

I thought the best way to get back into blogging was to do a 12 things post. If anyone knows Amber Fillerup and follows her blog Barefoot Blonde you will have seen her do this before. Basically its 12 random things that are going on and whats on my mind right now!

  1. I’m writing this on Halloween and I haven’t been so excited for this holiday since early on in high school! AKA a boy ruined halloween for me and I’ve been holding a grudge against the holiday since then, but I have a feeling that this will be a good one *knocks on wood*
  2. I think living in Europe has taken my obsession with hats to a whole new level. I have acquired a few while here and they have been what I am basing all my outfits around.
  3. I am most excited to move to New York City next year just so I can get into shape and eat way better than I do here. Also I know my sister is rolling her eyes at this one because I always say this but this time I mean it!
  4. Because today is the 31st of October it means that tomorrow officially starts Christmas season in my eyes!! I know it’s a little hasty, but I say the sooner you start the longer it will last.
  5. I have been on the hunt for a new Netflix show for MONTHS. I love a show with lots of seasons and that have long drawn out episodes. My roommate is always in shock at how fast I finish those one season shows with only like 13 episodes. It feels like I have seen every show on Netflix and I’m getting desperate!
  6. Going along with needing a new TV show I need new music. I’m one of those people who when they find a song or songs they like they listen to them non stop. Because of this I am now sick of the music I have been listening to on repeat for a good month.
  7. This weekend I get to see my childhood best friend, whom I haven’t seen in two years and I could cry! This is the longest I have gone with out seeing her and it will be a reunion for the books!
  8. Also my sister comes to Europe in less than a month, and I AM BEYOND PUMPED!
  9. I am on the 5th Harry Potter book, and I’m exhausted just looking at this thing. It is so big…. which is good because it will probably take me the rest of studying abroad to finish and I won’t have to go on a hunt for an english version of the 6th, because the 4th was not easy to find over here in Italy.
  10. First thing I want when I touch down in America is a La Croix, best drink ever nothing compares.
  11. It is my last semester with one of my closest friends who I have been in school with since preschool, I can not believe how fast college has gone. Take the time to appreciate not having to live in the real world as much as you can kids!
  12. I am actually devastated that I could not watch classic Disney Channel Original Halloween Movies this year. By far their best work excluding all the High School Musical and Zenon movies. When I get back I might have to relive holidays in backwards order!

Thank you so much for baring with me through this long post (if you made it this far)! I will be posting a lot more with in the next few weeks!

~Dominique 🙂

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Photographs by Grace Sarkor

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