Athens, Greece ~ September 8 -10, 2017

Athens, Greece ~ September 8 -10, 2017


GREECE! The land of Mama Mia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

This was our first trip out of Italy and the best way to kick off seeing Europe. We were bummed before leaving that we would not be able to make it to any of the famous Greek islands but turns out it was for the best! Honestly Athens is a super underrated city. Every travel guide we read said to take a day to see the famous landmarks there and then move on to the islands, but we felt we didn’t get enough time there and we were there for three days!

We were in awe of the historical sites and the art from ancient Greece but we were pleasantly surprised by the beaches, food, and nightlife of Athens. After we got settled we took a tram to one of Athens beaches and spent hours there. We had some of the best Fish and Chips and veggie burgers, right next to our hostel. We later found this street that had restaurant after restaurant. Everything from traditional Greek food to all different types of Asian food to doughnuts! Not even mentioning the street food, which made the city center smell SO GOOD. I have to go back just for the food.

And those who think that New York City is the ‘city that doesn’t sleep’ have yet to go to Athens. Everyone was out till all hours of the night and then off to work that morning. There were restaurants open all night blasting music next to our hostel, and we walked around during the night time seeing the city just as alive as it was in the day time.

I think that seeing the Acropolis was one of the most surreal moments I have had on these trips. I’ve spent so much time studying it in textbooks and then all of a sudden I was standing in the middle of it and witnessing it first hand.

During the past few months I have been making a list of places I have to go back to or places I wasn’t able to make it to this time around, and Greece is number one. I need to spend like ten days there to see the Greek islands!

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“You’re the Dancing Queen” – Mamma Mia

Photographs by Grace Sarkor and Cooper Robar

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