My New York Fashion Week: Women’s Cyber Experience

My New York Fashion Week: Women’s Cyber Experience

This year during NYFW (New York Fashion Week) leading ready-to-wear designers took the opportunity to show their creative direction not just in their shows but in the setting of their presentations.

One of my absolute favorites was the Alice + Olivia RTW Fall 2018 presentation. Designer Stacey Bendet used the opportunity to educate people about the history of women and how we can uses the lessons in the future. She called the exhibition Alice + Olivia University. Each room was a different spectacle such as a colorful library that coincided with the clothes or a women’s bill of rights room. The clothing definitely took reference to the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s which was an era of feminine power. Ranging from long loose silhouettes that had a bohemian feeling to the wide legged pant suit decorated in colorful strips to the punk rock embellished t-shirts and leather jackets. I think the collection was a lot of fun and had a theme that will be around for a long time.



My other favorite show of the week had to be Anna Sui! Her presentation was refreshingly simple compared to some others, allowing us to focus on the collection itself. Her collection for Fall 2018 like Alice + Olivia drew from past trends from the 1960’s and early 1970’s. She rebirthed the use of colorful floral patterns, statement ruffles, the mixture of textures. The collection had a lot of dark romantic, renaissance colors and patterns. The collection is bringing a feminine look back to fashion. 

I think that both collections draw off of the feminist movement that is going on today and in the past. The clothing that women wear today makes the statement that we are dressing for our selves and we don’t care if a man thinks if its “attractive” by his standards.


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