My NYC Street Style Diary

My NYC Street Style Diary


Over the past week I was given the task to look at the different trends in fashion and lifestyle here in New York City! For me I was hoping to find something right away and I’d see it all over the place. Instead I turned to my fellow class mates and saw she was wearing a super cool outfit and was like I have to take a picture of her! She was sporting a faux fur lined green leather jacket, a vintage Purple Rain T-shirt, camo pants, and Nike Air-Force 1s. I thought to myself if I could look that cool I would want to look like that!

Later on, another friend of mine was wearing a cool t-shirt with piccaso like faces on it, a jean jacket with sick pins and buttons, a velvet magenta pleated skirt, and some Nikes. I was starting to see a trend here. I later saw the same classmate as I did before and she had on yet another cool outfit! She was wearing cheetah pants ( I NEED), a gucci belt, another cool vintage t-shirt, and her Nike Air-Force 1s.

To me it seems that sneakers have become the new high-end shoe, in comparison to when high heels were the shoes that every girl was wearing. It is now considered chic and on trend to have a pair of Nikes over a pair of Manolo’s. As seen on Fashion Blogger Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, she’ll rock gym shoes with both a pant suit durning fashion week or with funky jeans on a Tuesday.

I personally will be taking another look at my shoe closet and reevaluating my priorities!


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