Playing the part

Playing the part

My Letter to the Managing/Executive Editor of Teen Vogue

To Ms. Samhita Mukhopadhyay,

My name is Dominique Nottage and I am a junior Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State University. I am currently taking a class called Fashion in the Media and we were recently assigned the task of building the brand of a fashion publication. I was assigned the position of Executive Managing Editor in my group, which as you know is the title you have at Teen Vogue Magazine.

The magazine that my group has decided to create is one for the millennial/generation Z women that loves fashion as well as wants to help make an impact in the world. I know that you have recently started at Teen Vogue, how do you plan to bring attention to some of the radical issues that you have covered in the past to help your audience tap into those issues?

I was excited to be in this role because where I might not be as expressively creative as an Art Director, I can feed off of that energy and help channel it into a focused idea. My concern in this role that there is nothing more than assigning roles and creating titles. What are the best things that you do to make sure you are maxing out your potential and giving everything you have to the magazine?


Thank you for hearing out! I hope to hear from you soon,


Dominique Nottage


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