Bitter Sweet Spring Break

Bitter Sweet Spring Break

Spring break to me means the end is near, meaning the semester! It always at this point that I am beyond ready to step away from school and truly not have to worry until that next Monday. Because I have grown up in the midwest “spring” hasn’t exactly sprung by the time we are getting to this point in the year. My family always made it a point to escape to the warmer weather. This is what I love about spring break, it is truly a vacation. Thanksgiving or winter break just always seems like its time celebrate and hibernate but in the spring its time for sun and relaxation.

Lucky for me I have family the resides in sunny southern Florida so I am able to get away without the stress of having to plan a trip. If its one thing I hate about spring break (other than it ending) it is the stress of figuring out what to do and how to do it! I love traveling with friends and family but sometimes can be a logistical nightmare.

My wish for spring break would have to be that when I come back from the sun that the weather where I am going looks like it would be moving in that direction too. Whether I am in New York, Chicago, or Kent the weather always seems to act more like winter than spring! For once I would like to come back to even just a mild 65 degrees and have it be consistent!



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