Goodbye NYC!!

Goodbye NYC!!

Every semester I don’t think it can go by as quickly as the last one did. But this one went by exceptionally fast. Between school and work it seems time just passed me by. Maybe it was because the weather stayed basically the same or I just didn’t notice.

NYC was an experiment for me. I was testing out if I could one day live here full time. And although I love city life, I miss the calm of a smaller town. NYC taught me to appreciate quite and standing still. I have so much respect for the city and the opportunities it presents.

The friends and people I have met during my time here is definitely what I will miss most about NYC. I have made friends that I know will be in my life long after I leave and mentors that have taught me so much. I have learned how to respect and love my own dreams and hopes for my life. I’ve learned that its okay that I have no idea where I’m going to be five years from now.

I will definitely be back and NYC will always have a place in my heart but its goodbye for now!

Until next time NYC! Thanks for letting me call you home for a little bit 🙂


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