My role at Vignette: Fashion Director

My role at Vignette: Fashion Director

During the second half of my semester in New York my fashion in the media class has been tasked to create a magazine. Based on past performances we were given jobs to help execute the creation of the magazine.

I was given the role in the art department as one of the Fashion Directors. In the art department we also had two creative/art directors and two photo editors. We collectively came up with ideas for two fashion shoots, one fall/winter and one spring/summer. Then along with my co-director we decided upon the trends that would best fit the feeling of the magazine as well as the concepts that we were going to be doing. It was well suited for me because I was able to work on a large scale project and zoom in on it and bring it to life. It was important for us to work as one in the art department and make sure we all loved what we were producing.


This experience will help me in my professional development because it taught me a lot about molding ideas of many into one. A lot of times in the real world it isn’t just one person giving ideas for you to carry out, but a melting pot of ideas that need to made into one. This can be hard but with lots of patience, listening, and respect it can get done.


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